Why should you open a company in the Netherlands?

Hello there! Maybe you are the one that is reading and is considering to open a company in The Netherlands. Excellent choice, if you ask it to us. In the Netherlands are – in general – good possibilities to pay and get your primary needs, if you work for it. Unfortunately, there are also some stories of people that got to live on the street because they could not earn enough money with working for their own company. They could not open the company in The Netherlands. Maybe there were not enough customers, of the costs were too high. It is not always 100% clear what the main reason is it we are talking about quitting working for the company and totally close it. We want to prevent you from failing the process of opening a company in The Netherlands. Because once it works, the Netherlands is a perfect place to run the company. That is why we made a checklist for you at the end of this article. We hope it helps! 

Short question, difficult answer: Where to start? 

If you want to open a company in the Netherlands, go and have a look at a website that is made to help you realize your dream. The name of this website is the following: intercompanysolutions.com. This group consists of a collaboration between various accounting specialists and incorporation agents. They work closely together and that is why they are able to provide you with the best service there is. They operate since 2013 and have already helped lots of clients to set up businesses in The Netherlands. Yes, you can also open a company in The Netherlands. Need a checklist? Read below!

Open a company in The Netherlands: a checklist made for you

If you are the one that wants to open a company in The Netherlands, a new business, you must be willing to observe various rules. Which obligations should you fulfill when it comes to start the new company?
The checklist is a guideline which can be used, but it is not the only source you must use. There is more than this checklist, it can only help you a bit. So, actually the first one is mentioned. Check whether you fulfill the conditions for your staying. If everything regarding the first check is fine, you can start with writing the business plan. What will your business look like? Who will be your clients and how will you find financing for your company? These are very important questions you should answer in your business plan. Make sure that several people read your business plan so they can give a bit advice. It gives you the possibility to see your business plan from a different perspective and that can be positive for your company in the future. More things to do are selecting a legal business structure and also pick a trade name for the company. Then the next steps will follow:
  • Check if you need professional qualifications
  • Consider fire safety requirements and environmental regulations
  • Create your own business accounts

At this stage, we think your business is already running. We wish you all the best and if you need more help, you know where to find us! Open your company in the Netherlands!

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