A short history of tillage machines

Almost as long as man has walked the earth, he has looked for ways to gather his food in a sustainable way. When parts of the human species left behind their nomadic ways and started to settle down in one place, it became necessary to handle the land in a different way. It was no longer enough to pluck the fruits and vegetables that were at hand. A different approach was needed in order to feed a family or even a village. Our ancestors started to cultivate the land and grow edible plants in a more organized way that made efficient use of the land available. In one plot of land they would grow one sort of plant, and in the next plot they would grow another. Taking care of these plants would be easier now. Of course it would be necessary to cultivate the land in order to sow the seeds and to refresh the soil every once and a while. In order to do this, men invented tools to make the work easier. These prehistoric ‘tillage machines’ are among the most occurring archaeological finds, such as picks and shovels. Very soon though, our ancestors started to use their kettle in order to make their hard work lighter and to be able to till bigger pieces of soil. Whereas picks and shovels are really tilling tools, the new instruments that were developed in order to be used with animals such as donkeys or other hoofed animals come closer to the definition of tillage machines. During the centuries that followed, tillage machines were instrumental in the formation of societies and civilisations. During the industrial revolution, agriculture experienced many innovations which also had its effect on tillage machines. However, it was not until the 20th century that innovation, research and technology took a soaring flight. After the introduction of the farm tractor, tillage machines developed into high-tech automated and unmissable tools in today’s world of agriculture.

Tillage machines for every kind of job on the land

A ploughing machine may be one of the best known examples of tillage machines, but of course in these days there is much more to cultivating the land than just ploughing. That is why Evers Agro sells all kinds of different tillage machines that can be used in different situations. In each category, Evers Agro can offer exactly the kind of machine you need for your land and crop.

  • Seed drills, meant to plant seeds at exactly the right spot in the ground;
  • Cultivators, meant to pulverize and stir the soil in order to get more oxygen into the soil or to get rid of weeds;
  • Subsoilers, for next-level ploughing;
  • Scraper blades, which move soil and flatten it;
  • Slurry injectors, for fertilizing every sort of land with any sort of fertilizer;
  • Various kinds of grassland maintenance machines;
  • Pressing rollers;
  • Furrow presses;
  • Vario discs, the modern harrow;
  • Various sorts of machines for seedbed preparation;
  • Rollers.

Evers Agro: a modern company

Evers Agro follows every innovation in today’s world of agriculture closely. That is why we can offer your farming company the best tillage machines available today. However, we also know where we came from. That is why all our machines bear the names of horse breeds, the animals that used to be indispensable to all farmers. Agriculture will always change, and who knows what innovations will make our work lighter in the years to come. Evers Agro will be there to bring that innovation to you.